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Tap Into the Truth with my Online Study Program!

Tapping Into the Truth - The Healing Power of Integrating A Course in Miracles with EFT

EFT is a proven powerhouse in the arena of healing and personal growth. When we integrate this tapping technique with sound spiritual principles of truth, such as those offered in A Course in Miracles, its potential is amplified.

I am so pleased to offer this comprehensive, self-paced study program, which captures the essence of what EFT founder Gary Craig is introducing to the world through Optimal EFT. It outlines some of the most relevant themes of the Course, and illustrates the importance of combining EFT with these solid psychological principles. See how integrating this dynamic duo can maximize your use of EFT to deepen and accelerate the healing process, both for yourself and anyone else with whom you choose to join.

For more information about Tapping Into the Truth, including instructions on how to register for the program, CLICK HERE. No obligation, of course.