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A Few Good Prayers
A Practical Prayer Book For The Miracle-Minded
by Sheri Baker

Ready for a miracle? Why not jump start the process with an open heart and a few good prayers!

Whether you're a long-time prayer enthusiast or this is your first foray into the world of Divine interaction, you are sure to benefit from this practical guide to the art of daily prayer.

The book includes a straightforward look at the fundamentals of prayer plus a transformative collection of 33 original prayers addressing a wide range of topics from forgiveness, gratitude and healing to life purpose, prosperity and peace.

Create miracles of love and healing through conscious connection to the Divine!

eBook:  $7.95

"Your book is wonderful! I very much enjoyed it. It is universal; not confined to one religion, but applicable to every path. I like how, in the prayers, you move from a place of asking to a place of affirmation. You take the reader by the hand and lead them from their problem to the solution. I see this being a popular gift item."

- Alan Cohen, author of more than 20 popular inspirational books, including the bestselling The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore