Private Sessions

"Wow, Sheri and EFT are wonderful! After reading about EFT on the internet, and having the basic concept of EFT ring true for me, I found Sheri. While I was successful and happy from outside appearances, my life was difficult on the inside. I had been on anti-depressants for years, and had attempted to go off them many times, however, each time I would feel myself getting dragged back down into a depressed state. I was tired of pills, tired of talk therapy, and certainly tired of having a slight depression around me -- when I contacted Sheri. Suffice to say, I never took another anti-depressant again after my first visit with Sheri. Sheri and I worked together on many issues; from ensuring past traumas were truly cleared from my system, to addressing habitual negative thoughts and deep down fears, all while implanting positive thought patterns. Truly, my life and lightness of being are on a different plane thanks to Sheri. I have recommended Sheri to friends with great success and simply highly encourage anyone who would like to feel and live better to contact Sheri -- today!"
Laura Tracy, Atlanta, GA  (404) 213-3479, laura@lauratracy.com

"I have experienced migraines since I was young girl. My only ways of dealing with them over the years was to take a chemical drug that would wreak havoc on my kidneys and liver, or I had to endure the pain until it went away which would be up to three days. I still remember the first time that Sheri helped me heal a migraine. As the phone consultation began, I wasn't sure that anything could erase this kind of dreadful, life-stopping pain. However as we tapped, I began to realize the pain was slowly washing away. In a mere 45 minutes, the pain was gone, and I was able to resume my evening with my children and husband, instead of hiding in my darkened bedroom with an ice pack. Since then, Sheri and I have been working together on other issues. I have seen improvements in physical as well as emotional burdens and am excited to realize more and more healing as we continue. I'd like to add that it is obvious that Sheri has done her work on herself.  Sheri is peaceful and centered.  She is able to "get herself out of the way" to allow the healing to occur in those she assists.  In my experience with various types of practitioners (including mainstream styles), this type of individual is rare and vital to the successful realization of true long-term healing."
E.S., Canton, GA

"After I discovered EFT, I went looking for a really good practitioner/teacher. Without going into a lot of gory details about several 'forgiveness opportunities' I encountered along the way, let's just say that by the time I found Sheri I knew what I was looking for. In fact, I knew she was the one from our first conversation. Every question I pitched her she knocked out of the ballpark without even trying. She was totally natural and unselfconscious, thoroughly knowledgeable about every area I wanted to explore, even the tough ones, completely comfortable talking at a very high level, very matter-of-fact discussing her by no means meager professional accomplishments and without a whiff of self promotion. She had a very well developed intuitive sense and great philosophy of life. I found out when she was offering Levels 2 and 3 trainings and signed up immediately. I was not disappointed. Level 3 was the most profound healing experience of my life. Even Sheri was blown away. The one-on-one session I had with her a few weeks later over the phone was just as profound. Give the woman a call. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Rocky Dail, Rock Hill, SC

"I'm sooo amazed (but not really). I left you after our session together feeling 20 years lighter. I haven't felt so free and happy in many years. Thank you and I'm so grateful I found EFT. Several added benefits, one of which for a week I'd had constant unrelenting burning pain from my low back all the way down to my knees. It had eased up somewhat just prior to our session, I think maybe due to my nervousness. I noticed when I got home and sat down to work some that the pain was gone completely and it still hasn't recurred."
Cheryl S., Leesburg, GA

"Sheri, as I am about to turn in to go to sleep for tonight, I can't help but think of you. I just wanted you to know (after battling insomnia for years) that I have been sleeping so well that I have been having dreams! I realize now that it has been a long, long time since I have slept well enough to even dream. And the more I sleep, the more I can sleep. I mean I am even able to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night or in the early mornings. It is amazing. I am becoming so "normal" and awake that I am actually getting bored. This is great! I haven't felt good enough to get bored in years. I feel good during the day instead of the so many, many days I spent walking around like a zombie, just barely getting through the day waiting on night so I could try to sleep (forget trying to sleep during the day). So sleep was all I could think about - forget living - I could barely function for probably 3 out of 7 days every week. No more. I feel I am getting my life back. In one swift moment, you cleared my guilt that I did not know I had. You evidently were able to put your finger on what was unconsciously bothering me. I think by bringing it to the surface, you erased it (with EFT) from me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
A.G., Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to let you know about the results my sister had after only one session with you. For years, she has walked with a very pronounced limp, almost like a lurch, using a cane and walker to get around. After she met with you, I noticed her walking across the room. She 'forgot' to use her walker or cane. She walked very straight, steady and normal. It was a beautiful sight to see. Thank you, Sheri!"
Gay Moring, Roswell, GA

"Hi Sheri - I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I met you. Even though I have only seen you twice, you have made a deep impression in my soul. I know I was on my way to discovering myself before I met you, but you accelerated my understanding, respect, love and forgiveness of myself in ways that allowed me to open up that I could not have done alone. In that regard, I find myself more loving, compassionate, understanding and forgiving of everyone I know and meet. I no longer feel worried, stressed, burdened or overwhelmed anymore. I am reading and meditating every day, and I make sure I give myself space in which to do this. I look forward to my quiet time without thinking of what I should be doing next. I am living in the present more and more. When I feel myself swaying into thinking about 'things,' I catch myself and come back to the now."
M.L., Woodstock, GA

"Sheri, I'm amazed by what happened to me from just one phone session with you. You were able to analyze my gifts and really helped to clarify my purpose. You even showed me how a physical ailment was related to a business deal gone wrong. I have peace and excitement about moving forward in the right direction. Within two days, that business deal had been rectified and I was finally paid the money that I had been waiting for."
T.D., Atlanta, GA

"Sheri, thank you for working with my son. From the time he was a year old (he's about to turn five), he had really bad congestion and seasonal asthma attacks that put him in the hospital. His nasal congestion was pretty much year round. I've tried numerous prescriptions, but the side effects worried me. I've tried everything natural under the sun, but he would eventually end up back on the medications. After just one session with you, his nose has been clear for weeks now. He's not on any medication. I'm so happy to see him healthy!"
T.D., Atlanta, GA

"Hi Sheri, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our first session and to give you an update. It's been a little over three weeks since we met and I can feel your/our tapping thoughts kicking in. I've gotten back to a daily devotional, staying more in the moment, feel more alive, more at peace, and just an overall better feeling. Plus my sadness feelings over my baby cat dying so unexpectedly have been processed in just the right timing. Also, no more sleepwalking!"
Diana L., Cartersville, GA

EFT Workshop: The Basics

"I attended your Level 1 Workshop several weeks ago and I wanted to share my success with you. Since tapping on my craving for a particular soft drink, I have not had one sip since that afternoon at the workshop and have had NO DESIRE! This is truly amazing! You also muscle tested me about my weight and since the workshop, I have lost 7 pounds. It's almost as if I have not even been really trying, and even though getting rid of the excess negative emotions has allowed me to make far better food choices, I have not felt deprived or upset! I am so blessed to have been in that class and I am looking forward to the next set coming up! A million thanks to you for all of the knowledge you passed on to me and the others!"
Julianne Pruitt, Gainesville, GA

"Sheri is a master teacher. She conveys the information in a way that a layperson can easily understand and will inspire anyone who works in the healing arts. It was an awesome seminar!"
K.R., Atlanta, GA

"This class is fantastic and anyone can benefit from it. Sheri is very knowledgeable and spends as much time as necessary to teach."
Lori Gilley, Cartersville, GA

"What I like best is the prospect of a new lease on life! Realizing my intended potential."
Dr. Todd Holubitsky, Dahlonega, GA

"This process has done more for my situation than the 10 years of going from place to place, doctor to doctor. I can now face my tomorrows knowing that healing has taken place. Thank you!"
B.W., Woodstock, GA

"Learning EFT has been life-changing for me! I continue to learn and grow with this technique. I appreciate Sheri for helping me in this direction."
Hilary Greever, Memphis, TN

"A clear, well-presented day of an incredibly valuable healing technique."
P.B., Zirconia, NC

"Not only did I get comfortable with this technique on an introductory level, I realized an area where I would benefit from some sessions for myself and identified many areas where I can do self-tapping.
Sue Peters, Kennesaw, GA

"This is the healing modality I have been waiting for to incorporate into my massage and healing practice. I'm excited about the results and techniques I have learned."
C.V., Atlanta, GA

"Soft presentation with high spiritual energy. Looking forward to the next step."
S.B., Acworth, GA

"It was excellent."
Jo Crowe, Murphy, NC

"Sheri is a very comforting teacher. Her dedication shows."
Jean Baker, Dahlonega, GA

"Good teaching, good group, very comfortable atmosphere, simply presented."
K.L., Naturopath, Atlanta, GA

"So glad I came. Very worth spending an entire day to learn about EFT."
Amelia G., Atlanta, GA

"The class helped me understand better the things I had read and watched on the DVDs."
Mary Ann Daniel, Evans, GA

"This workshop made me even more aware of the amazing effectiveness of EFT. Sheri is such an intuitive instructor that she truly can tell you what you need to be effective."
Gay Moring, Roswell, GA

"This technique is something anyone can learn and use on themselves and offer for the benefit of others. The workshop was thorough, informative and well organized. Very relevant for chiropractic or any healing profession."
Andrea Knight, chiropractic student, GA

"The Level 1 course was excellent. Even though I had previously read the EFT Manual and applied it in various ways, I still found this course to be useful and learned many things that otherwise may have taken longer."
Jim D'Alessandro, Knoxville, TN

"Thank you, Sheri. I am very encouraged. Sheri really knows what she is doing with EFT. Very experienced."
Nanci Chaffin, Knoxville, TN

"Sheri is a detailed trainer with a gentle demeanor who patiently explains and guides students through the process."
Susan Stewart, Cumming, GA

"This is a great course for beginners! It is invaluable for every human being to know all that EFT has to offer. I can't wait to help others help themselves!"
C.T.G., Smyrna, GA

EFT Workshop: Improving Your Skills

"It is amazing what we learned and experienced in only two days. I am excited about the personal growth and emotional healing I've experienced this weekend! The hands-on experience was fabulous! Thank you, Sheri. I will never be the same!
M.D.G., Blairsville, GA

"EFT workshops with Sheri have been so fulfilling for me that I am seriously thinking of becoming a practitioner. All in all, this was a loving and healing experience."
Gay Moring, Roswell, GA

"Sheri is a natural practitioner/master. She seems very close to something essentially good and never ventures far from the heart of healing."
Rocky Dail, Rock Hill, SC

"I came to this workshop with plenty of anxiety knowing that I might get into my stuff. What a safe place to try out new skills AND get into some stuff that ended up not being any big deal after all. Of course it helped that we first tapped on the anxiety of making mistakes. I'm all psyched up about trying this out and getting in line for the Practice Like A Professional workshop!"
S.P., Kennesaw, GA

"The level of sensitivity shown in class for the participants is so comforting and removes the anxiety of speaking your thoughts and questions."
S. Benjamin, Acworth, GA

"Getting out of my comfort zone and actually practicing the procedure of being the healer gave me the experience I needed."
Jean Baker, Dahlonega, GA

"The possibilities can only be limited by not going with EFT as a tool to open you to the best you that you can be."
J.P., Canton, GA

"Sheri's knowledge is vast. Her manner is easy and her heart is truthful. I feel better than I have since I was 18."
Mary Kay Crawford, Winder, GA

"Life has been intense lately and I almost talked myself into postponing this workshop. Wow, am I glad I didn't! This workshop helped address some of the intensity and gave me a better focus."
J.F., Woodstock, GA

"Sheri, going to an EFT workshop was so worth it! I had watched the DVDs, but seeing you live in a group environment really took my learning to the next level. Since this workshop, there have been two occasions this summer when my son got a fever in the middle of the night. Both times, we were not at home and I had no fever reducer medicine. So I started tapping. On the first occasion, I actually had a thermometer and saw his temperature readings go from 101 down to 98 in a matter of minutes. The second time, I tapped a few rounds until his forehead and tummy no longer felt hot. I love having my son get better without over-the-counter medicine!"
T.D., Atlanta, GA

"This workshop took my understanding and experience to unbelievable heights! I loved it!"
Mary Ann Daniel, Evans, GA

"I had several 'breakthrough' moments that helped me to understand myself much, much better."
G.S., Decatur, GA

"This workshop has taken my understanding of the application of EFT to a new level. Would recommend this course to the practitioner or enthusiast."
J.R.D., Knoxville, TN

"I feel more confident and competent, not to mention clearer after taking this workshop."
L.M., Decatur, GA

"I have read many books on EFT/TFT and still learned a lot that I can use. I feel ready to practice on others even though there's more to learn."
T.G., Woodstock, GA

EFT Workshop: Practice Like A Professional

"Sheri is a natural healer and teacher with God-given gifts. Her combination of A Course in Miracles, numerology and EFT is THE complete package, truly one stop shopping. In fact, Sheri is the complete package. She brings together talent, intuition, integrity and a beautiful spirit. My weekend was the most incredible experience of my life."
Rocky Dail, Rock Hill, SC

"Sheri's class is a must. Her knowledge about EFT is great."
Dr. Tim Moore, Cordova, TN

"Great curriculum, actual hands on practice, excellent confidence builder."
D.R.O., Powder Springs, GA

"Great job, Sheri!"
M.L.L., Nashville, TN

"Sheri's understanding and coverage of EFT materials is top rate! Her gentle presentation style makes everything so accessible and makes learning fun!"
P.B., Zirconia, NC

"This course definitely takes you to the next level in EFT work. Sheri does a tremendous job of offering a foundational core to launch from as a professional."
Joy F., Woodstock, GA

"I have read quite a few books on EFT and TFT and I think Sheri's handouts and lecture/demonstrations say how to do the method as well or better than the books."
T.G., Woodstock, GA

"It's a wonderful opportunity to be with Sheri to learn these amazing techniques. She's loving and open with the information. A person then needs to go forth and actually do the work. Thank you!"
B.W., Atlanta, GA